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Date Center Science unveiled "Full House Prefabricated Modular Data Center Solution" at the 4th China Data Center Green Energy Conference

Derived from:Date Center ScienceAuthor:DCS MarketingTime:20/06/2023

On June 14th, 2023, the China (Shanghai) International Data Center Industry Expo and the 4th China Data Center Green Energy Conference were held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. Deheng Data was invited to attend the conference to share the research and practice of prefabricated data centers, and explore the rapid construction of a new type of data center that integrates "intelligent agility, green low-carbon, safe and controllable" in the new model.

Li Binjiang, Executive Vice President of Deheng Data, shared with everyone at the conference that Deheng's prefabricated modular data center solution adopts steel structure modular customization, and the entire system of the data center is integrated with the building for factory prefabricated assembly. Finally, it is quickly built on the project site by hanging.


"In the past three years, Deheng Data has invested a research and development team of 50 people, utilizing modern technologies such as BIM, AI, and industrial Internet of Things for independent research and production. By applying 3D simulation technology for pre assembly, the entire process of data center design and construction can be visualized, achieving precise positioning and assembly."


At present, the first fully prefabricated modular data center in China, "Jiangsu Deheng Data Financial Industrial Park," built by Deheng Data, held its opening ceremony in Yangzhou last month. The construction period of the entire data center does not exceed 6 months. To be precise, the on-site lifting and assembly time is less than 2 months, truly reflecting high standards of construction efficiency.

Nowadays, prefabricated modular data centers are becoming the best practice for fast delivery and one-stop solutions in data centers. The Deheng whole house prefabricated modular data center solution is at the right time, providing customers with on-demand customization solutions in a very short time. It has obvious advantages in process quality control, assembly and agile construction, and rapid cost recovery.