Talent Concept
Gathering talents, looking forward to exploring DCS with you
People Oriented
DCS development adheres to people-oriented principles, establishes a dual power human resources strategy, selects outstanding talents from universities and social elites, constructs a systematic talent training mechanism, and provides talent guarantee for the sustainable development of enterprises.
Management Profile
The development of DCS is based on a solid human resource infrastructure and team management, with a focus on improving systems and cultural construction. It systematically balances the common development demands of the company and employees, guides employees to actively integrate their personal pursuits into the long-term development of the enterprise, and forms a simple, transparent, sunny, and upward working atmosphere. By continuously improving the performance evaluation and salary and benefits system,
Happy DCS Person
Making every employee feel Deheng style happiness has always been the company's goal. At Deheng, when you join, there is a comprehensive training program and one-on-one mentors to help you grow; As you grow, a fair and just professional and management development dual channel, as well as a job competition mechanism, will help you showcase your strengths, achieve career breakthroughs, and realize your self-worth. In terms of welfare, in addition to basic statutory benefits, Deheng also provides employees with basic benefits such as meal subsidies and holiday condolences, as well as special benefits such as medical examinations and commercial insurance. In addition, there are various heartwarming benefits for employees and even their families, such as birthday parties, team building tours, afternoon tea, holiday gift boxes, and union benefits.