R&D and Innovation
Establish a business model with intellectual property rights to support data center operations
R&D and Innovation
Through industry university research cooperation with universities and colleges, DCS is applied in the research and development of design architecture innovation, energy-saving new technologies, rapid deployment technologies, new energy application scenarios, and operation platform software development, empowering the company's investment and development, construction delivery, operation management, cloud computing, and other value-added areas.
Implementation of prefabricated data centers
Own intellectual property rights
Product innovation in large-scale data center engineering
Applying BIM technology throughout the entire process
Low cost and fast delivery
DC-MIND Data Center Integrated
Operations Management Platform
Independent research and development
Based on the Internet of Things and Al technology
Operation and maintenance costs and energy consumption control
Intelligent operation and maintenance robots
Postdoctoral fellow at Tsinghua University and PhD from UCLA in the United States
A team of experts from the National Science and Technology Expert Database, including experts in the database, are developing intelligent inspection and monitoring systems
Machine learning model optimization for energy-saving operation and maintenance management
Comprehensive application of new energy
Green energy
Comprehensive application of new technologies
Energy consumption control
Industry Cloud Innovation
Cloud computing+virtual data center
Cloud edge collaboration
Ecological cooperation
DCS focuses on innovative research and application of technology, as well as the protection of intellectual property rights.

Within the system of Deheng Data, as of now, it has a total of over 4 international patents, over 40 authorized patents, and over 200 intellectual property applications.
At present, Deheng Data has provided technical support and project protection for intellectual property in areas such as cloud computing, intelligent management and operation, prefabricated implementation, and energy consumption control. It has strengthened the technological promotion of intellectual property layout for data centers and truly established a business model for data center operation with intellectual property support.

Authorize international patents
40 +
Authorized Patent
100 +
200 +
Applying for intellectual property rights