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Professional services provide the most valuable guarantee
Professional services provide the most valuable guarantee
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Operation and maintenance capabilities
DCS has long focused on the construction of operational system management for data centers, committed to integrating advanced management standards at home and abroad while achieving practical implementation and empowerment of data center operations. Collaborate closely with national professional institutions and industry experts, participate in the compilation of the "Technical Specification for Certification of Data Center Infrastructure Operation and Maintenance" (CQC8302-2018), and implement it in the actual operation of our own data centers.
The DC-Mind data center integrated operation and management platform developed by DCS covers the existing key management domains. The IoT technology based on the DC Mind ecosystem product has achieved component level collection, monitoring, and remote control of data center equipment. On the basis of achieving energy-saving control, resource management, comprehensive management of data centers, IT operation and maintenance management, and intelligent analysis, the platform has added support from Al components and digital twin engines, further promoting the unified scheduling and management of intelligent control/digital twins for multiple data centers. From planning and design to cabinet delivery and resource sales settlement, DCS provides a complete set of intelligent operation solutions and services that cover the entire business lifecycle of IDC.
DCS is committed to promoting the development of operational management systems and the development and application of supporting technology in the data center industry. Its core team includes senior managers, architects, operations managers, operations managers, and regulatory management. It adopts a flat model to cope with multiple data center management modes, and ensures consistency in operational modes and quality across data centers through agile and efficient specialized teams.
Operations Data Center Project
The company has already operated data center projects in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen, and has responded to the policy of East Digital and West Computing, continuously expanding its layout in second and third tier cities, and providing high-quality cabinet resources. At present, the number of operating cabinets has exceeded 30000+racks, including the first benchmark project of DCS, "Qiwang Open Source Big Data Songjiang Park", Yangzhou Financial Industry Park Data Center, Tencent TBlock Yizheng Dongsheng Cloud Data Center, Qingyuan Qingcheng Cloud Data Center, etc.