Construction and Delivery
Achieve customer value through outstanding engineering construction capabilities
Construction and Delivery
Through our advanced knowledge, rich experience, and experienced team in the field of data center and intelligent integration, we aim to create an intelligent infrastructure system that closely connects resources, information, facilities, and people for you.
Data Center Consulting Design
Comprehensive data center consulting, planning, and design, providing high standard services, and customizable as needed to develop long-term and stable future development plans and designs for customers.
Data center implementation delivery
International standardized project management process, focusing on customer actual needs, assisting customers in coordinating and managing the cooperation of various specialties during the implementation process
Data center operation and maintenance
Assist customers in easily managing data centers, ensuring that they pass relevant data center management certifications with refined operational management capabilities. At the same time, intelligent integrated operation and maintenance solutions are always available to meet customer upgrade needs.
Value added services in data centers
To provide professional, meticulous, and innovative solutions and services tailored to local conditions for the value goals of secure expansion, green efficiency enhancement, and management optimization of customer data centers, achieving continuous improvement and optimization of data centers.
Provide full lifecycle services for data centers

At the end of 2016, DCS wholly acquired Shanghai Lanbabodi Intelligent Engineering Co., Ltd. (formerly IBM GTS Building Intelligent Engineering Division in Chinese Mainland).  

"IBM is a pioneer in the field of building intelligence, making contributions to enhancing China's building intelligence capabilities and quickly aligning with the world," said Mr. Wang Bin, Chairman of DCS, "The strategic acquisition of IBM's business will bring us new capabilities in building intelligent engineering design and construction, strengthening our professional skills beyond existing data technology, intelligent technology, and electromechanical installation and construction projects. DCS hopes to bring new vitality, innovation, and wisdom to China's building intelligent and data center construction industry in the future."  

At present, the company provides full lifecycle services for data centers, undertakes and manages over 300 data centers and intelligent projects of 1.2 million square meters in China, with domestic customers covering all parts of the country. We have undertaken key projects such as JD Data Center, Yangtze River Storage Data Center, Agricultural Bank of China Data Center, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Data Center, China United Insurance Data Center, Dalian Bank, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Suzhou Guoke, and Tencent Yangtze River Delta Supercomputing Center.

Forward planning
Cloud Data Center Strategic Services Combining IT and Business Discovery Blueprint
Elastic construction
Elastic construction combining technology and management to meet the elastic needs of data centers
KPI goals
Fully implement the service tenet of meeting key indicators as the core goal throughout the process
Smart Operations
Utilize a comprehensive management platform to achieve rational integration of physical and logical operation and maintenance management
Classic Cases