Innovative service platform to help enterprise customers better utilize cloud services
Our Strengths
High availability
Stable and reliable, ensuring business continuity.
Safety protection
Private network isolation ensures the security of virtual hosts through security groups, firewalls, and basic security protection functions.
Elastic expansion and contraction
Support adjusting host specifications and bandwidth, support "cloud host+bare metal" hybrid mode, and support "private cloud+public cloud" hybrid cloud management.
Convenient management
A simple and easy-to-use management console that monitors cloud host resources in real-time from multiple dimensions, simplifying operation and maintenance management.
Multi computing power fusion
Efficient integration of diverse computing power enhances cloud computing efficiency, providing massive elastic computing power support for enterprises to embrace the metaverse.
Innovative service platform to help
enterprise customers better utilize cloud services
We are making cloud computing simpler and providing you with more professional, efficient, and trustworthy cloud services.
Industry cloud services
Private network
load balancing
Supports IPV6
Dedicated line and
high-speed internet access
Cloud hard drive
Cloud backup
Object storage
Virtual server
Bare metal
Multi cloud management services
Support heterogeneous deployment or mixed management with mini machines, bare metal, VMWare, and public clouds
Cloud hosting services
Resource exclusive
Security exclusive
Service guarantee
Cloud security services
Virtual firewall
Vulnerability scanning
Penetration testing
Risk assessment and
security reinforcement
Cloud value-added services
Cloud Desktop Services
Cloud migration service
Hybrid cloud management services
Application monitoring service
Customized cloud security services
Waiting for insurance compliance services